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Where the heck do we find time to be intimate with our legume friends? Where could we explore our tiny little friends in an uninterrupted and sensual environment? No kids, no phones, no dogs, no fiberous root vegetables (..yet), only a distraction-free feeling of freedom.

Where is the perfect place to talk to your partner(s) about secret fantasies? Where on earth is it possible to become sensually stimulated? Where can your partner(s) have a sexy, adventurous, and frankly a bit outrageous fun while you watch and learn about each other?

At least twice a year, we visit resorts in both Jamaica and Mexico, and we are available to talk with guests and have informal "meetings" on the beach or by the pools. Depending on circumstances, comfort levels, and individual needs, we sometimes are also available privately.

In the event that your sex life is absolutely awesome and you have no need of our services, congratulations? However, in that case, we are sure you'd still have a wonderful time anyway!

Phone: 123-456-7890
E-mail: webmaster@lentillovers.com
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